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Investment Process

Once we at Bischoff Wealth Management understand the client’s goals, objective, time frames, and risk tolerances through the Planning Process, we then help the client organize their assets and liabilities in the most cost and tax efficient way possible. The Investment Process is now where we will invest the client’s assets using predominately a make up of low-cost, broad based exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds (typically through the Vanguard family of funds). In very few cases do we hire outside managers or fund families to assist us in managing a client’s portfolio. Cost and predictability are the two main reasons for this.

In our opinion and experience, we feel the best performing funds or investments over time are the least expensive. We also place a very high value on the certainty of what an index fund or similar based fund will deliver relative to it’s benchmark. We want certainty that if a client is going to take the risk associated with owning an asset class, they get the return. An index fund best delivers that certainty. We then manage this process around an asset allocation suited for each individual client’s needs.

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